Submit data to I Got Phished

To submit information about phishing victims to I Got Phished, you need to use the API documented here along with a personal API key. In order to obtain an API key, please contact coSntacPtAmeM@abuse.ch (remove all capital letters). Please consider that only trusted IT-security researchers will receive an API key.

api_keyrequiredazqian345navb1k1b45aYour personal API key
anonymousoptional0If set to 1, your submission will be anonymous (default: 0)
phishing_urloptionalhttps://evil-phish.tld/login.phpAssociated phishing URL
emailrequiredjoe.doe@victim.tldVictim email address
password_lenoptional13Password length
phishing_dateoptional1579445500Unix timestamp when the victim got phished
client_ipoptional125.55.91.72IPv4 address of the phishing victim
user_agentoptionalMozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:72.0)HTTP User Agent of the phishing victim
commentoptional3 logging attemptsComment
confidenceoptional80Confidence level of the data (1-100, default: 50)

Below is an example python3 script how to generate an appropriate API call

        #!/usr/bin/env python
        import json
        import requests
        import re

        url = 'https://igotphished.abuse.ch/api/v1/'
        api_key = 'YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEY'

        json_data = {
            'api_key' : api_key,
            'anonymous' : 0,
            'phishing_url' : 'https://evil-phish.tld/login.php',
            'victims' : [
                    'email' : 'joe.doe@victim.tld',
                    'password_len' : 14,
                    'phished_date' : 1579422234,
                    'client_ip' : '',
                    'user_agent' : 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:72.0)',
                    'confidence' : 100
                    'email' : 'another.joe@victim.tld',
                    'password_len' : 20,
                    'phished_date' : 1579422234
        headers = {
            'Content-Type'  :   'application/json',
            'user-agent' : 'I Got Phished python submission script'

        r = requests.post(url, json=json_data, timeout=15, headers=headers)